Close Encounters of the Tarot Kind

One of the most wonderful aspects of Tarot is the range of visions that utilize the Tarot as a framework for creative, spiritual, and multidimensional encounters.  A fascinating example is the Tarot Trascendental deck by Juan Albiol, published in Spain in 2009.

The images on this deck feature strange hybrid creatures amidst Bosch-like alien landscapes.  A kaleidoscopic mix of humanoid/extraterrestrial, organic/inorganic, and esoteric/scientific imagery keep you entranced (and perplexed) as you explore the deck.

The major arcana depict somewhat traditional scenes, but from an otherworldy perspective:

The minors really take you on a trip to strange worlds and even stranger beings:

Trascendental Tarot - Minors

The more you gaze on these cards, the odd landscapes and composite creatures become strangely familiar, as if you had encountered them from fleeting dreams, or perhaps from your past or your future!?

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Art and images are copyright by the respective artists who created them, and may not be reproduced without permission from the artists.

3 Responses to “Close Encounters of the Tarot Kind”

  1. January 31, 2010 at 5:21 am

    This one is really a breath of fresh air. A wonderful example of Tarot – a great concept enhanced by fine artwork, a rare gem.

    Timothy Leary’s discoveries regarding migration back to the center of the Universe are particularly evident in the card backs, leading me to wonder if the artist was conscious of that or whether the unconscious was on autopilot. A very interesting deck to say the least.

  2. April 5, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    A very bizarre deck! (And I mean that in a good way.)
    Thanks for sharing this. I don’t often run across a really interesting deck that I’ve never seen before.
    Bright Blessings,
    James Ricklef
    PS: If you would like to exchange Tarot Blog links, let me know.

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