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Being the Chariot

One of my most sacred activities is the exploration/discovery/revelation of a personal mythology through the medium of Tarot.  I have found that working with and meditating on Tarot symbols and artwork is a powerful portal that connects me to aspects of the universe that I resonate with and learn from.

As part of that path of discovery, drawing my own Tarot artwork is the most direct and rewarding way for me to reveal that personal mythology, which I feel we all have as a unique yet connected part of our individual and collective being.  

(For an excellent example of this exploration and discovery through Tarot artwork, see Marie White’s Tarotsmyth blog.)

Here is a draft of my exploration of The Chariot card.  The Charioteer IS the Chariot, blazing new paths as he explores the universe. The imagery is in part inspired by the aspect of the superhero, part Superman in his confidence and strength, and part Dr. Strange in his magickal explorations and studies of inner and outer dimensions.


Strange Tarot - Chariot - draft

Strange Tarot - Chariot - draft

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