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It’s been far too long since I have posted here.  Several weeks of being in limbo, infiltrated by a flu virus (I call it the IMFU2 virus!).  Felt like I was visiting the Land of the Recently Deceased. 

It’s time to emerge from the viral infusion, the cellular confusion, the dimensional diffusion.

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I recently obtained an amazing Oracle deck, the Devas of Creation, self-published by Cilla Conway.  (Cilla is also the artist of the Intuitive Tarot, one of my favorite Tarot decks.)  The Devas of Creation is a 72 card deck depicting the emanation of the Divine in its infinite expression and expanson, from the Void to the Cosmos, from the Big Bang to the Fundamental Elements to the Microcosm, and back again.

This deck best speaks to me through one-card selections and meditation.  Near the end of my viral bout, I performed a reading on the topic of “Recover”, and the card that surfaced was the Deva of Emergence.

Deva of Emergence

Deva of Emergence

The Deva of Emergence rises from the tempering fires, shining with incandescent expression.  This is a flare of creative release, the  joy of being and doing and Now!

Cilla Conway provides a wonderful query and challenge from the Devas of Creation booklet:

“What do you love doing more than anything else?
How often do you allow yourself to experience this activity, and the joy that accompanies it?  If you have not experienced that joy recently, you are preventing it.  So what underlying messages do you have that stop you?”

It’s time to emerge from the limbo of excuses and someday.  It is time to be, Now!



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