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Sol Invictus: The God Tarot

Sol Invictus: The God Tarot is a recently released deck by Kim Huggens and Nic Phillips, printed by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.. It very effectively combines powerful images inspired by a wide range of diverse mythologies, crisp and accesible artwork, and in-depth and interesting research.

This is not a casual deck.  This is a deck for pondering, reflection, and insights, card by card.  The accompanying 254 page book is also not casual, containing several pages of fascinating details on the symbolism and historical background about the god, legend, or concept depicted in each card.

There are many wonderful images in the deck.  One of my favorites is XI – Justice – Mystical Opponents/Brothers.  I find this image particularly appropriate at this time of the upcoming Winter Solstice, where the lengthening darkness will soon transition to a slowly emerging light.  I love the way the dark and light are dynamically balanced in this card, with images of Chaos on the left and Order on the right. The hooded figure reminds one of the Grim Reaper, whose scythe decisively separates the quick from the dead.  In this card, the enigmatic spectre silently reveals the dynamic dualism that powers creation. One cannot exist without the other.  Indeed, the One is part of the Other.

Sol Invictus - Justice



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