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Jasniak Tarot

The Jasniak Tarot (also referred to as the Jasniak Color Tarot) is a kaleidoscopic beauty of a deck published in Poland in 1998.  The author/designer is Aleksandra Jaśniak, and the artist is either Anna Galuszka (per the box cover) or Longin Szmyd (per the preface to the accompanying 300-page book).  The artwork is crisp and expressive with a sharp graphic style, and there is a liberal use of vivid almost psychedelic colors, patterns, and shapes throughout the deck.

The imagery in the majors has some subtle hints to Marseilles themes, yet with a modern aesthetic.  The images often expand just beyond the background frames and titles, providing a dynamic yet subtle effect.

The court cards are exotic (and somewhat erotic) characters, arrayed in fantastic robes or intricate armor.  The minors are non-scenic yet energetic arrangements of the suit symbols, pulsating with psychotropic patterns.

Here are some of my favorite cards.  There are so many cool cards in this deck, it was difficult to select just a few.  Tune in and turn on!

Major Arcana:

Jasniak Tarot - Empress and Justice

Jasniak Tarot - Empress and Justice

Jasniak Tarot - Hermit and Devil

Jasniak Tarot - Hermit and Devil

Court Cards:

Jasniak Tarot - Queen of Wands and Knight of Cups

Minor Arcana:

Jasniak Tarot - 2 of Cups and 3 of Swords

Jasniak Tarot - 2 of Cups and 3 of Swords

Jasniak Tarot - 6 of Coins and 9 of Wands

Jasniak Tarot - 6 of Coins and 9 of Wands

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Art and images are copyright by the respective artists who created them, and may not be reproduced without permission from the artists.



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