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On my recent birthday or Year day as I prefer to call it (another Year on this plane-t),  I pondered on the existential subject of “Why”, as in “Why am I here… at this place… at this time…”  (or maybe I was influenced by having just watched Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”).

I then narrowed this meditation even further, and focused on the letter “Y”.

Visually, the letter Y depicts both a convergence and divergence.  Looking at it from top down, Two paths converge into One.  Viewed from the bottom up, the One diverges into Two.  Or viewed from the center, the One point at the crux of potential of what was / is / will be.   Y is the only letter in the English language that functions as both a vowel and consonant, demonstrating its morphic transitional nature.

In reflection on my birth/Year day, I performed a Tarot meditation on “Y”, using the Intuitive Tarot. The 3-card positional spread I used as an overlay or structure to this Tarot meditations was:

Receive / Integrate / Transmit

Intuitive Tarot: Knight of Discs / Hierophant / King of Discs

Intuitive Tarot: Knight of Discs / Hierophant / King of Discs

I was immediately struck by the positioning of the figures:  looking back, looking inward, looking forward.  Past / Present / Future.  These figures are symbolic of the intersection of the “Y”, the Past (Knight of Discs) and the Future (King of Discs), connected through the bridge of the EverPresent, the Infinite Now (the Hierophant).

  • The Knight of Discs:  Air of Earth, reflecting on the twists and turns that his travels on the wheel of life have taken him.  His conical helmet is flat topped, indicating a sense of restraint (self-imposed?), and the ring of gold at the top shows his dedication.  His gaze is analytical and stern, yet juxtaposed against a backdrop of strange geometric shapes, suggesting he has experienced and has an affinity with the unusual.  Perhaps he is realizing that life shapes and transforms itself in unpredictable yet creative ways, in order to transform and inform the beholder. The incoming branch of the Y.
  • The Hierophant:  A bridge between spirit and matter, an external guide to the inner light and outer limits. He provides the keys to open the doors of perception. The central support pillar of the Y, the Y- beam, the I-beam, the Inner Eye Beam.
  • The King of Discs:  Fire of Earth,  a seasoned leader with the perspective of experience, and a passion that is tempered and direct.  His crown radiates with solar energies, showing he is infused and in tune with creative forces.  A respected patriarch who provides guidance, impetus, and inspiration. The outgoing branch of the Y.

Receiving these 3 cards on my Year day gives me guidance on what has shaped me, what is within me, and what I can transmit to others.  The gifts I received from these 3 Wise Guys (Y Guys, Guide Y-ers):

  • Be receptive and learn from different perspectives.  Learn from the past, and move on.
  • Integrate the inner I to cross the bridge from inner to outer purpose.
  • Use your experiences to transmit guidance, foundation, and inspiration to others.



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