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Intuitive Tarot

The Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway is an evocative and transporting deck, providing unique and exotic perspectives into common and uncommon Tarot imagery.   Each image is framed in an oval window, which is like a glimpse through a dimensional portal into iconic scenes.

Per the accompanying book to the deck: “… we can see oureslves reflected in them:  a mirror world, which shows us as we are, and as we can become.”

The artwork in the Intuitive Tarot is simple yet other-wordly, populated with angular angelic/alien figures in dreamlike landscapes.  This is similar to my own artistic style, so I find myself easily “drawn in” to the imagery.

The Intuitive Tarot waited on my shelf for 4 years before I started to explore its strangely familiar portals.  Those portals now beckon to me…  perhaps you will also open these doors of perception, and break on through to the other side….

Moon - Sun - Judgement

Intuitive Tarot: Moon - Sun - Judgement

One of Rods - 4 of Swords - 3 of Cups

Intuitive Tarot: One of Rods - 4 of Swords - 3 of Cups

8 of Rods - 10 of Discs - Knight of Discs

Intuitive Tarot: 8 of Rods - 10 of Discs - Knight of Discs

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